We’re off to see the Wizard…..

Happy Halloween y’all.

Whilst us Northern Hemisphere MoFo’ers are celebrating Halloween and getting ready to cosy down for the Winter, our Ozzie pals on the other side of the world are in full spring mode getting ready for their summer!

So to honour our upside vegan MoFo’ers, this final day of MoFo round-ups is all about Oz.

I know Cupcake Kitteh’s post  got a mention yesterday but I couldn’t do an Oz round-up without including her!

I always look forward to Mandee’s last MoFo post, and I mean that in the nicest way possible!!

Not only does she delight us with photos of her AWESOME vegan food but we get a bonus kitteh in every photo too!


Vegan food and cats, what could be better!!

Green Gourmet Giraffe is one of my favourite bloggers and not just because she loves giraffes as much as I do either. Take a look at her amazing Pumpkin Damper (I didn’t even know what damper was before now!)



Everyone is rounding up their MoFo 2012, be sure to check out Vegan Sparkles’ post today


There’s a Bat Kitteh!

Mel from Veganise This has been doing a virtual Round the World MoFo this year and these Australian Jelly Cakes had me licking the monitor.


Finally I’d like to give a shout out to Veganthused who was in a minor car accident midst MoFo. Happy to hear  you’re well on the way to recovery.

So that’s the final round up for yet another AWESOME MoFo. Well done to all you MoFo’ers, you’ve done us all proud once again.

Be sure to check the MoFo blog regularly as there are all sorts of goings on happening throughout the year.

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Chickpea Magazine Giveaway

Hello MoFoers! Have you heard of Chickpea Magazine? If not, you are in for a treat. Chickpea is an all-vegan magazine featuring delicious recipes, gorgeous photography, and fascinating articles from volunteer contributors. Look, I’ve worked for a (different) vegan mag, and I can say that without a shadow of a doubt, Chickpea is awesome. There might even be a Chickpea-sized morsel of sadness missing in your media life if you haven’t yet uncovered this hip publication full of vegan wonders.

But we have you covered. Chickpea has generously offered two issues of the magazine (one of the summer ’12, and one fall ’12) to two separate lucky US residents. Sorry internationals! We have done our best at MoFoHQ to open many giveaways to non-US residents this year (believe me, because I do not reside in the US and there are MANY giveaways I would have loved to entered had I not been obviously affiliated with the organizers). Anyway, we don’t need you to post this to Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest/email it to your grandma or anything like that to enter. Simply comment on this post and I’ll pick the winners randomly by November 2. Which is soon, so comment away!

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Sunday Round-Up

Hi MoFos! Happy Canadian Thanksgiving. I seem to always post on Canadian Thanksgiving. I hope you canucks are having delicious seitan roasts and impeccably roasted Brussels Sprouts, because I’m sitting here with a glass of wine and some crackers. Oh, work.

Anyway! I’ve been loving reading the MoFo-ing this year. Here’s my random Sunday round-up from MoFoHQ.

Erin Wiko’s theme is unbelievably adorable. Who doesn’t love a cute dress? Who doesn’t love a cute dress paired with a homemade strawberry-basil jam? Monsters, that’s who.

When it comes to MoFo-ing, Amey is no slouch. Who else draws up adorable doodles of their furry family and partner? Amey made a Pad Thai Salad from Appetite for Reduction, and this is her depiction of her own raw onion breath.

The Snarky Chickpea made what I wish I was eating for Thanksgiving: Chickpea cutlets, mashed potatoes, and charred Brussels sprouts.

I had never heard of biscuits and gravy before I lived in America, but it is indeed a beautiful creation and Lazy Smurf’s version from Vegan Diner makes me so, so jealous.

Finally, who doesn’t love Janis Joplin? Even if you don’t (but you should), you’ll drool over this tipsy omelet.

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Round-Up: Let’s Hear it for the Pie!

Aww yeah, Mofos!  We are back for another live edition of round up goodness.  Truthfully, this one was inspired by one of the fellow organizers.  I saw the most amazing layered soul food pie ever at Kittee’s blog, and thought pie is a great thing to roundup.  So, let’s giddyup!

We’ll start with the savory.  Megan at The Vegan Cookbook Aficionado was throwing down with her rendition of Pâté Chinois, a French Canadian staple.  Just check out her sexy lentils.


There’s also no shortage of autumnal pies.  This is the time of year for apples and sweet potatoes and pumpkin! OH MY!

Raw apple pie goodness coming from Allysia.

And lookit how cute Ashley’s sweet potato pie cups are!  So freaking cute!

Plus, Molly Alice Nests is flipping the switch and blowing my mind with these absolutely dreamy butternut squash pie bars!  So pretty.

Behold the versatility of pie.  The amazing Joni is tarting it up with her delightfully colorful avocado coconut lime tartlets, while Allyson lays down that sweet and salty caramel drizzle on her pear and ginger cheesecake.  Aww yeah.  Can we get some Marvin Gaye playing up in here?

If this post has inspired you to enjoy more pie in your life, why not try throwing a pie potluck like fellow MoFo organizer AndyDufresne?  And be sure to invite me!

Until next time…Happy Mofoing!


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Deadline to Submit is Midnight Pacific Time Today.

Hi Folks!
Just to clarify, anyone can submit until Midnight PST today for MoFo 2012. The form is still open and accepting information. The blog list on the previous post was offered, because we’re overwhelmed with requests to check for to see if we received a specific blog. We made the list about an hour ago, so if you’ve submitted since then, you won’t be on the list, but rest assured we received your information.

The final list with links, as well as reader bundles will be available in a few days. I know everyone is excited, but please be patient and remember it’s just a few volunteers who are pulling this all together. Thank you, we love you all.

Take good care,

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Saturday Round-up: In Honor of Randomofo

I really hope you already know about RandoMoFo.com. If not, you do now! It’s the coolest site, where you can just keep hitting the “next random blog” button up top and see the next MoFo blog. It’s such fun and a great way to discover new blogs. I sat down on the sofa and had some good QT (quality time) with RandoMoFo, and picked out some posts that piqued my interest – so, prepare for a Random Round Up!

Squash & Apple Jam

This week my apple tree finally kicked into full production, so I have my eyes out for any appley recipes… and imagine my delight when I saw this amazing Butternut Squash-Apple Jam!! Doesn’t that sound crazy good? And that whole blog think. care. act. is totally amazing – she’s doing a super great theme of food from different areas of Germany for MoFo. I can’t wait to go back and read all her other mofo posts!

other brown vegans

I also discovered Brown Vegan which features lots of recipes – like biscuits and apple slaw – but also this really cute interview feature called “Other Brown Vegans.”

Madhi Toor Dal with Cabbage

This week was the great Hindu holiday of Diwali, and I managed to find a few references out there to Diwali festivities. I loved the look of this cabbage dal from Happy Go Lucky Vegan. 

mini mochi balls

Another awesome blog I discovered with the help of RandoMoFo was Smooch Panda’s Sweet Creations – where she’s been featuring Japanese sweets all month for MoFo!!!! Check out her great tutorial on how to make mini mochi balls… then she has a whole other post with tips on yummy things to stuff inside your mini mochi balls.

I can’t figure out how to capture the picture, but I promise you that you need to go look at the photo and recipe for Roasted Sweet Potato, Black Bean & Kale Salad over at Swell Vegan. It looks so good, and is already bookmarked on my computer.

concord grape jello

This picture is sort of hilarious, but I’m not one to laugh at homemade concord grape jello. Hello!! Jealous!! I love concord grapes SO much, they remind me of my awesome grandparents who always grew concord grapes. Just look at that beautiful color. From Vegan Whore.

Bruschetta Pizza

Last but not least, my fun little nephew is coming over to spend the night tonight. We’re going out for pizza, then we’ll come home and carve pumpkins and roast pumpkin seeds. I can’t wait! So, with pizza on the mind, a couple pizza links really popped out at me. First of all, there is a whole tumblr blog dedicated to vegan pizza, with the excellent name Fuck Yeah Vegan Pizza! ha ha! Check it out when you are in need of pizza porn. Then I also found Zombie Cats Eating Plants‘ excellent compendium of previous pizza posts and recipes… this bruschetta pizza with homemade cashew cheese especially caught my eye. Mmm, pizza! Have a great night… just two more days of mofo madness!

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We are now VeganMoFo.com!

Hey everyone! Update your bookmarks because we’ve entered the 21st century and given the Vegan Month Of Food a new home at VeganMoFo.com.

Head over there to check out our new design and see what’s in store for VeganMofo 2011, our fifth year running!

If you’re subscribed to our blog, please update the RSS feed to http://www.veganmofo.com/feed/rss/. This blog will go dark in a day or so.

Thanks all! See you over there.

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Louise Hagler Interview Winners

Thank you for your patience, since it took me a little while to prowl through the questions y’all submitted. Below are the prize winning questions! Please OH Please email veganmofoblog at gmail dot com with your full name and snail mail, and soon coconut creamy goodness in the form of Coconut Bliss, will be arrive at your doormat. If you have a doormat.

Please don’t be sad if I didn’t pick your question, I am fickle and fussy at the best of times. Of course, you can be sad if you want to be, your emotions are your own, but that was not my intention. Some of the questions repeated and some I just liked more than others. When the interview is posted, there will be a final giveaway! We have two copies of Louise Hagler’s Tofu Cookery left for grabs, so there’s always that. Then the MoFo biz is really done, at least for a few months. Tho I do speculate, we will continue to offer roundups throughout the year.

1. pandawithcookie says:
What is Louise Hagler’s Spirit Spice?.

2. JohnP says:
What were her original reasons for going vegan, and have those reasons changed over the years?

3. Marty Krutolow says:
I would like to know where she thought the world would be in 20 years, 20 years ago. That being said, I ‘d like to know where she thinks the world will be in the next 20 years regarding food supply, diet, agriculture, and health.

4. Leigh says:
How is life on The Farm? How long has she lived there, and is everyone there vegan?

5. Lori says:
I’m curious as to which vegan chefs inspire her nowadays.

6. Jane says:
I’d like to know what was the first vegan meal that made her think, “Yes! I can do this vegan thing and so can everyone else!”

7. Andrea says:
I’d like to hear Louise Hagler’s opinion on the soy foods controversy. And I’d like to know if she has ever felt that being vegan has had a negative impact on her health, or on the health of anyone she knows.

8. Amey says:
What are +/- 3 super-special ingredients that she uses to give her recipes a little extra je-ne-sais-quoi?

9. nik says:
Tell us about your work with Plenty.org–what are your favorite experiences with them and what did they teach you about yourself?

10. Stephanie says:
How did your family and friends react when you decided to take on a vegan diet? Were they supportive? Angry? Jealous?

11. Kate says:
I am curious to know what Ms. Hagler thinks about the recent surge of “pop-vegans,” if you will. I struggle with whether or not individuals like Clinton and various other celebrities who are periodically vegans are positively or negatively impacting the acceptance and promotion of a plant-based diet, and I curious to hear her thoughts as someone who was at the forefront and is now a foundational member of the vegan community.

12. Megan says:
What is her most recent favorite culinary discovery?
Is she going to write any new books?

13. kspar66 says:
If Louise were on a desert island with every kitchen appliance ever made but had only 3 ingredients in addition to bananas and water-packed tofu, what would she make for herself and her monkey companion?

14. liz says:
What’s her favourite cookbook from the last 10 years?

15. Becca says:
Who do you think is doing really awesome work (any kind of work) in the vegan community?
Since you’ve been vegan for so many years and have made so many delicious meals, is there a store-bought prepared vegan food that you love as well?
Was it hard to be a vegan trailblazer … to get people to really understand what you were doing?

16. Melomeals says:
Can she please make a video demonstrating your homemade tempeh technique, [including incubator techniques].

17. funkyryan says:
What would you eat as your last meal?

18. Rachel says:
What are your thoughts on vegan ingredients trying to mimic meat – such as boca burgers or tofurkey?

19. michelle says:
What is her favorite (and/or most used) recipe that she’s written?

20. sophia says:
What’s your take on how the representation of vegetarianism/veganism in popular culture and/or the mainstream media has changed in your lifetime? thanks!

Thanks for being such good bubs,

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The Moving on from Leftovers MoFo Roundup

The vegan internet is slowly seeing the end of leftovers from that American Thanksgiving hoopla last week (I want more seitan roast!), and while I’m not sick of seeing and eating squash just yet, I’m heading there. That being said, let’s bring on some tempting treats and restaurant fare from today in MoFoland!

How refreshing is this? Gluten Free Frozen Margarita Pie from K & Toby on In the Mood for Noodles in Melbourne.

Bring on the spice and the ‘fu! Stephanie of the Milwaukee Vegan Bake Sale blog shares a hot & saucey looking and sounding recipe for Three Cup Tofu:

Three Cup Tofu  (三杯豆腐)

Tracy of Columbus Vegan rocks some simple yet surely irresistible Pesto Pups:


Okay, note that for the upcoming holidays!

Rachwins, of the Vanilla Sugar Blog, (heart the name!) makes her mum’s intriguing moist Steamed Syrup Sponge Cake:

Amy of Tahini Too sheds a little more sweet light on that project she’s been working on, which includes these Caramel Apple Brownies, among many, many others:

This round up is turning into a series of adorable, yet classic sweets, with the Chocolate Chip Pancakes on the Sister Legumes tumblr:

And nearly as cute as the pancakes on that plate? After I copy/pasted them into this post, I realized that I recognized the authors from the area! Aw, snap.

Now onto some restaurant food porn, because who’s not guilty of occasionally ignoring leftovers in your fridge for a hot meal elsewhere?

Kelly Peloza, the Vegan Cookie Conneissur, hits up the Chicago Diner on Seitan Beats Your Meat for some Teese-y Mozzerella Sticks and I’m going insane with jealousy:

Babette of Vegan a Montreal shares a peek at her giant veganized Club Sandwich at Faste Fou.

Sarah-Mai of Eat Pure visits Cocoa V, the all-vegan chocolate shoppe, during her first trip in NYC:

Lastly one more treat from Jessica of Veggie Cookie’s Made in Cinncinnati post, locally made Holiday Mint Chocolate soymilk ice cream from Phro*Zen:2010-11-282

One day left to MoFo, folks!!!!!!

I’m in awe of all the folks posting so much content daily!

❤ jess

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It’s Time for Another Book Giveaway!

The winners have been chosen!

Becoming Vegan goes to:
Megan from Down Home Vegan who said:
Agreenerlife’s simple Whatever Soup reminded me how easy it is to whip up a quick pot of veggie soup.

Speed Vegan goes to machopineapple from Macho Pineapple who said:
It’s hard to go wrong with curry: http://orangeandginger.blogspot.com/2010/11/unconventional-curry.html

Congratulations!! Please email VeganMoFoBlog@gmail.com with your names and addresses!


Thanks again to the amazing generosity of the folks at the Book Publishing Company, we are hosting one more book giveaway. Even if you don’t win, you might want to consider buying or gifting any of their awesome selection of vegan books.

Becoming Vegan by Brenda Davis, R.D. and Vesanto Melina, M.S., R.D.

Written by two experienced dietitians, this book will help new vegans on their path, or those who might be struggling find their way. It covers a wide variety of topics, including tips for athletes and people in all stages of life–from infants to more mature adults. I think it would be a great reference for anyone on or considering a vegan diet!

Speed Vegan by Alan Roettinger

Speed Vegan Cookbook

This book shows us that quick food doesn’t have to mean fast food. Alan Roettinger helps us create delicious, quick, and satisfying meals in less time than it takes to pick up carryout. Dishes include Leek and Cauliflower Soup, Hot Eggplant and Seitan Open-face Sandwich, and Minted Chocolate Dream. Yes, please!!

One copy of each book is up for grabs. Please leave a comment linking to one of your favorite quick and easy MoFo recipes!

We’ll pick two winners at random, around 10:00 PM EST. Sorry folks, but this contest is limited to those with U.S. addresses only.

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