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We’re off to see the Wizard…..

Happy Halloween y’all. Whilst us Northern Hemisphere MoFo’ers are celebrating Halloween and getting ready to cosy down for the Winter, our Ozzie pals on the other side of the world are in full spring mode getting ready for their summer! … Continue reading

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Round-Up: Let’s Hear it for the Pie!

Aww yeah, Mofos!  We are back for another live edition of round up goodness.  Truthfully, this one was inspired by one of the fellow organizers.  I saw the most amazing layered soul food pie ever at Kittee’s blog, and thought … Continue reading

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Saturday Round-up: In Honor of Randomofo

I really hope you already know about If not, you do now! It’s the coolest site, where you can just keep hitting the “next random blog” button up top and see the next MoFo blog. It’s such fun and … Continue reading

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The Moving on from Leftovers MoFo Roundup

The vegan internet is slowly seeing the end of leftovers from that American Thanksgiving hoopla last week (I want more seitan roast!), and while I’m not sick of seeing and eating squash just yet, I’m heading there. That being said, … Continue reading

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Opulence… You Makes It

Okay, I know some of you are probably thinking “Enough already!” with all this Thanksgiving Take Over of the vegan blogiverse, but for those of you who are still dreaming of mashed potatoes & gravy, you can see a huge … Continue reading

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Vegan MoFo : Random Wednesday Roundup

Whether they’re planning for Thanksgiving or not, MoFoers are cooking up some amazing things, with less than a week left. Megan, from Down Home Vegan makes a lovely Vegan Salad Niçoise with marinated seitan. At Vegan Gourmet Caravan there is … Continue reading

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VeganMoFo Roundup: How Many Days ‘Til Pie, Again?

I know some people out there are still looking for Thanksgiving ideas, and the big day is swiftly approaching.  Whether you need roadtrip eats like Cold and Sleepy or are reminiscing about the menu from your childhood like Katie, there … Continue reading

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VeganMoFo Roundup: Hey there, good lookin’!

Hey there MoFo-ers! I hope you had a fabulous weekend, filled with good eats and scrumptious food porn ogling. Today’s roundup features sweet treats that caught my attention and set my mouth a’ watering. Lauren over at Whoa Wren made … Continue reading

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It’s a multi coloured MoFo

I can sing a rainbow and the MoFo’ers can eat a rainbow, it’s true! This Peach Melba over at Our Life in Sandarna has the beginnings of a very good rainbow – isn’t it pretty. Slow-Cooked Tofu and Cauliflower in … Continue reading

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Grab Bag of Goodies!

Here’s an all-purpose Friday Round-up… just a hodgepodge of cool posts that caught my eye… I love this short and sweet post from Airy Vegan… featuring an exciting mystery fruit. I love me some mystery fruit. Who can resist Bite Me, … Continue reading

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