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We are now!

Hey everyone! Update your bookmarks because we’ve entered the 21st century and given the Vegan Month Of Food a new home at Head over there to check out our new design and see what’s in store for VeganMofo 2011, … Continue reading

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VeganMoFo Roundup 8: Places In The Heart

I’ve been feeling a little homesick lately, so this MoFo round up is an homage to missing things. First up is the place I’m missing…Brooklyn! I lived there for for most of my life. I can remember a time when … Continue reading

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Going Vegan Giveaway

I have no scientific study to back me up, but it seems like more people go vegan around Thanksgiving than at any other time of year. Maybe because that dead bird in the middle of the table starts to seem … Continue reading

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It’s called VEGAN MoFo for a reason

This is just a reminder that the VeganMoFo feed is for posts about vegan food only. We just don’t want to read about crap that bums us out. It’s a time to celebrate vegan food. So if we see non-vegan … Continue reading

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MoFo TGIF Giveaway – Fun Stuff From Little Otsu

The weekend is upon us! Have you got some big cooking projects planned? We at MoFo Headquarters have been loving all the posts – from the crazy innovative stuff to the grand failures. And to thank you we plan to … Continue reading

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VeganMoFo Round-Up 2: You Caught My Eye

Wow, over 700 blogs have signed up. And we won’t have an RSS feed until tomorrow! So the MoFo blog roll is like an unwieldy cat that you’re trying to give a bath. Or something. So I just went with … Continue reading

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VeganMoFo’s Own Kittee in VegNews & Other Fun

Only five more days until the most important event in the world. Check out Kittee speaking to VegNews about MoFo. If it doesn’t get you psyched up and in the kitchen snorting nutritional yeast like that scene in Goodfellas (or … Continue reading

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MoFo LoGos!

We’ve got a new logo! Thank you to Amanda Chronister (Will Draw For Cookies) for upping our MoFo style by about a million percent. Everyone definitely do send her cookies! Add the MoFo logo to your posts and link back … Continue reading

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Vegan MoFo 2010 Is In The House This November!

Wow, seems just yesterday MoFo was a baby tadpole swimming about the pond, searching for vegan tadpole food and banging her little tadpole head on everything. Now look at her, all grown up, hopping around, ribbiting and breathing air. Vegan … Continue reading

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Brownies Baked, Raw and Blonde: MoFo Round Up 10/09

It’s the weekend! Maybe you have a little time to pop some brownies into the oven. MoFo’ers have been baking up batches all week. Scratch and Sniff muses on her grandmother and brownies and her grandmother’s brownies. Vegan Thyme bakes … Continue reading

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