The Moving on from Leftovers MoFo Roundup

The vegan internet is slowly seeing the end of leftovers from that American Thanksgiving hoopla last week (I want more seitan roast!), and while I’m not sick of seeing and eating squash just yet, I’m heading there. That being said, let’s bring on some tempting treats and restaurant fare from today in MoFoland!

How refreshing is this? Gluten Free Frozen Margarita Pie from K & Toby on In the Mood for Noodles in Melbourne.

Bring on the spice and the ‘fu! Stephanie of the Milwaukee Vegan Bake Sale blog shares a hot & saucey looking and sounding recipe for Three Cup Tofu:

Three Cup Tofu  (三杯豆腐)

Tracy of Columbus Vegan rocks some simple yet surely irresistible Pesto Pups:


Okay, note that for the upcoming holidays!

Rachwins, of the Vanilla Sugar Blog, (heart the name!) makes her mum’s intriguing moist Steamed Syrup Sponge Cake:

Amy of Tahini Too sheds a little more sweet light on that project she’s been working on, which includes these Caramel Apple Brownies, among many, many others:

This round up is turning into a series of adorable, yet classic sweets, with the Chocolate Chip Pancakes on the Sister Legumes tumblr:

And nearly as cute as the pancakes on that plate? After I copy/pasted them into this post, I realized that I recognized the authors from the area! Aw, snap.

Now onto some restaurant food porn, because who’s not guilty of occasionally ignoring leftovers in your fridge for a hot meal elsewhere?

Kelly Peloza, the Vegan Cookie Conneissur, hits up the Chicago Diner on Seitan Beats Your Meat for some Teese-y Mozzerella Sticks and I’m going insane with jealousy:

Babette of Vegan a Montreal shares a peek at her giant veganized Club Sandwich at Faste Fou.

Sarah-Mai of Eat Pure visits Cocoa V, the all-vegan chocolate shoppe, during her first trip in NYC:

Lastly one more treat from Jessica of Veggie Cookie’s Made in Cinncinnati post, locally made Holiday Mint Chocolate soymilk ice cream from Phro*Zen:2010-11-282

One day left to MoFo, folks!!!!!!

I’m in awe of all the folks posting so much content daily!

❤ jess

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3 Responses to The Moving on from Leftovers MoFo Roundup

  1. Louzilla says:

    OH MY GOD THAT ICE CREAM. I want it in my mouth right now.

  2. Taymer says:

    oh my word holiday mint ice cream..makes note for peppermint sticks in grocery cart this week and I love that other frozen pie…I am all Mofo ed out but catching up on all the post today:)

  3. K says:

    Thanks for the link love and well done on managing to feature so many vegan mofo blogs on here!

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