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I'm a graphic designer who loves to cook and bake. I'm also an ex-military brat who still loves to travel and blog about it, when I remember to take pictures. I live in the exurbs of DC with my husband, dog, and two mischievous cats.

It’s Time for Another Book Giveaway!

The winners have been chosen! Becoming Vegan goes to: Megan from Down Home Vegan who said: Agreenerlife’s simple Whatever Soup reminded me how easy it is to whip up a quick pot of veggie soup. Speed Vegan goes to … Continue reading

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Vegan MoFo : Random Wednesday Roundup

Whether they’re planning for Thanksgiving or not, MoFoers are cooking up some amazing things, with less than a week left. Megan, from Down Home Vegan makes a lovely Vegan Salad Niçoise with marinated seitan. At Vegan Gourmet Caravan there is … Continue reading

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Wednesday MoFo Roundup : Delicious Ways to Start the Day

I try to plan for satisfying, varied breakfasts throughout the week. On Sunday, I plan to make a big batch of scramble, hearty muffins, or a big pot of oatmeal, but then Sunday night comes way too quickly. During the … Continue reading

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Vegan MoFo : Weekend Giveaway!

And the winners are… gilding lilies – “Teese pizza please, with some vegan hot chocolate with Dandies for desert!” and Sarah – “I would make pizza if the cheese is mozz style. But if it’s cheddar style I’d try it … Continue reading

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Vegan MoFo Wednesday Roundup – Traveling Vegans

I’ve seen so many wonderful and creative dishes come of out the kitchens of Vegan MoFo participants. However, lots of you are also showing us how easy it is to stay vegan while traveling and eating out around town. The … Continue reading

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Vegan Mofo Roundup 3 – Hey There, Sweet Stuff!

It’s Day 3 of Vegan Mofo, and I’m amazed by the number of delicious and creative ideas folks have come up with. For some reason I had dessert on my brain today. I’d blame it on the cooler weather, but … Continue reading

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Soup, Stew, and Chili Roundup for 10/30

MoFo is coming to an end and as the month of October comes to an end, most of the Northern Hemisphere is cooling off. For me, this time of year means getting cozy with a big bowl of soup. Jes … Continue reading

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Thursday Roundup – Pizza, Dumplings, and Other Doughy Things

With a little more than a week left, there is still lots of MoFo deliciousness. Lots of bloggers are featuring pizza, sandwiches, and other creative ways to use dough. I’ll eat pretty much any (vegan) thing if you stick it … Continue reading

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When the Moon Hits Your Eye Like a Big…Bowl of Pasta? Roundup 10/15, Part II

I don’t know what the weather is like in the rest of the country, but here in Maryland, it is rainy and cold, with no sign of sunshine, or warmer weather, for days. With autumn upon us, and especially after … Continue reading

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