VeganMoFo Giveaway: 2 Copies of Vegan in 30 Days

CONGRATS to Winnie and Krista!  We’ll be contacting you soon.

Winnie says: Most certainly my husband. It would make things so much easier and he would be so much healthier.

Krista says:

I’m trying to transition to veganism. I’ve been vegetarian for more than 10 years, but would really like to cut all animal products out of my diet for health reasons and environmental reasons.


Howdy everybody!  Today, we are giving away 2 copies of Vegan in 30 Days by Sarah Taylor!

This is a perfect book if you are transitioning into veganism or know somebody who is doing so.

Vegan in 30 Days will make sure that you reach your goal of becoming vegan in a healthful, fun, and successful way. Filled with incredible insight and dozens of practical tips, this book is a complete resource for making the transition to a vegan diet.

Included are over a dozen starter recipes of flavorful, easy-to-make dishes. Weekly assignments keep you actively involved in the process and lists of resources help keep you motivated. Guidelines for social engagements, i.e. hosting or attending a dinner party or eating out in restaurants, show how to make others aware of your diet without offending them and their dietary preferences.

The book focuses on whole foods and offers the options of transitioning completely in 30 days or taking the same amount of time for each phase.

To enter please tell us about a person you wish would transition into veganism.  The giveaway ends at MIDNIGHT tonight (Pacific time) and the two winners will be chosen at random.  Please be sure to leave your email and blog info when entering.

Sorry, but it’s only open to people in the domestic U.S.

Good luck everybody!


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20 Responses to VeganMoFo Giveaway: 2 Copies of Vegan in 30 Days

  1. Winnie says:

    Most certainly my husband. It would make things so much easier and he would be so much healthier.

  2. Cindy says:

    Me too! I’m trying to transition into veganism for health reasons, and on that front he needs it as much as I do! I’d love to read (and implement!) this book for both of us.

  3. Alicia says:

    I would love my siblings to transition to vegetarianism/veganism. They would feel SO much better eating less meat and animal products.

  4. My parents are horribly unhealthy. My mother struggles with her weight and has multiple health issues, including heart problems. My stepfather is also overweight; and has blood pressure and clotting issues. He is required to take poison to keep it in check.

    I’m attempting to cook things for them as frequently as possible to show that reducing (and ultimately removing) animal products from their diet does NOT mean they can’t enjoy delicious foods. They are both skeptical and seem to think the whole “thing” is a conspiracy.

    This Thanksgiving, as my parents enjoy their turkey and sides smothered in butter, David and I will be enjoying stuffed pumpkin, sauteed brussels sprouts with apples and cranberries, swedes soup with roasted spaghetti squash, and oatmeal cranberry cookies. I will be bringing enough for everyone…

  5. Larry Devich says:

    Everyone in my apartment, my daughter and granddaughter and myself too! 🙂 We tried, and failed, to go vegan last year but didn’t manage it more than a couple of weeks. We seemed to handle eating a plain vegetarian diet with milk and eggs and cheese just fine but vegan, well really we didn’t quite know what we were getting into on that one. When going vegan failed we wound up relapsing and eating some meat again. We’ve decided to try again in January as a New Years Resolution to go back to eating fully vegetarian and I’m campaigning for us to go fully vegan then. My daughter and granddaughter are resisting that idea, they do like cheese. Wish us luck! 🙂

  6. Krista says:

    I’m trying to transition to veganism. I’ve been vegetarian for more than 10 years, but would really like to cut all animal products out of my diet for health reasons and environmental reasons.

  7. I’d like to get my partner to go vegan. I’ve finally got him to fully embrace vegetarianism after showing him Earthlings, which is awesome, but I’d really love it if he wanted to go the extra step. Veganism is about more than just food to me and I’d really love to be able to share that with the person I’m sharing my life with. He’s getting there slowly, but a book like this would definitely help him make the transition.

  8. Jojo says:

    I think I’d pick my best friend, I love her anyway of course but I sometimes find it hard to grasp that such an awesome compassionate woman is happy to chow down on a hunk of cow!

  9. Susan G says:

    The Carnivore (better known as my husband), of course. He is so stubborn – will not eat ANY of my food on principle, regardless of how delicious it is.

  10. Noelle says:

    I have a friend in Utah that has been asking me a lot of questions and wants to transition even though she lives with a non-vegan.

  11. Julie says:

    The book would be for me. I have been in and out of veganism the past year. It would be great to start the new year off right with a new book to help me stick to it!

  12. nik says:

    my husband…please…if i smell any more one of his meaty leftovers in the fridge, i may have to buy a separate refrigerator.
    …and let’s not discuss his menu plans for Thanksgiving. 😛

  13. Lizzie says:

    My brother has been vegetarian for a long time, and has often floated the idea of going full-on vegan, but just hasn’t gotten there yet. I would love if he finally made the leap!

  14. My good friend Andrea. She recently watched Food, Inc. and went vegetarian. Now she’s reading Skinny Bitch and is SO CLOSE to going vegan. She just needs that extra nudge!!

  15. Cristy says:

    I would love for my parents to eat a plant-based diet. It makes me sad to see them eating a SAD diet, and though they do eat some veggies, they also eat a lot of meat and dairy and eggs. If I lived closer, I would actually make them more meals to show eating vegan can be just as good (ok, better!) than meat/dairy/eggs.

  16. rachel says:

    i would like for my husband to go vegan, that way we could do it together and it would make things a lot easier for me not having dairy in the house!

  17. Sasha says:

    I would love to have this book for myself. I have been vegetarian for 3 years now, and I am trying to be vegan. At home I cook 100% vegan, but I slip when I am out with friends or in social situations which are required a lot for my work. I would also like to give it to my best friend who is also vegetarian.

  18. Monique says:

    My mom! She has gone veggie because of Bill Clinton but hasn’t made the vegan leap yet but she is so close! I think this book would help a lot.

  19. LenaBena says:

    I wish my mom would consider it. She’s in breast cancer remission, and I think a healthier diet would give here a better chance in the long run.

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