Another Give-Away from Vegan MoFo!

And we have our 2 winners!!

One copy each of Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness goes to

Jennifer from Bankrupt Vegan
LenaBena from Veg*n Soul

Well done to both of you.

Please email with your name and address.

Thanks to everyone for commenting.

See you soon for some more AWESOME MoFo give-aways.


A massive THANK YOU to the awesome people over at The Book Publishing Company and the authors for yet another fab give-away.

Today’s give-away is 2 copies of Vegan Bodybuilding by Robert Cheeke.

Renowned for his passion, dedication and determination, Robert Cheeke has inspired athletes, trainers and anyone interested in a strong, healthy body. He has been at the forefront in ushering in a different way to fuel and nourish bodybuilders in an industry riddled with animal-derived body-enhancing supplements. Being one of the most prominent figures in vegan bodybuilding, his advice on diet, training, and other facets of the lifestyle make this book a fantastic resource for beginners and experienced athletes alike.

To enter into the contest leave a comment telling us what your favoutite Thanksgiving food is and we’ll pick two winners at random, tomorrow at around 4pm PST.

Please note that this is limited to folks in the domestic U.S.

Please include the link to your blog OR your email address when you make a comment.


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25 Responses to Another Give-Away from Vegan MoFo!

  1. Elisabeth says:

    I love Thanksgiving Tofurky with homemade mashed potatoes, and pumpkin cranberry walnut bread.

  2. midwestvaygun says:

    my favorite thanksgiving food is mashed potatoes topped with home made cranberry relish and gravy! sweet-salty-savory in each bite!

  3. Katie says:

    Mashed potatoes with peas mixed in!

  4. SnowyVegan says:

    I have a sweet tooth, so my favorite Thanksgiving dish is the pumpkin pie!

  5. Reid M. Boehm says:

    My favorite is a toss up between pies, but I’m not a fan of the crust so perhaps it is a mixture of apple pumpkin and pecan pie centers in one dish.

  6. Amie says:

    Mashed potatoes with a boatload of gravy. I may as well serve the gravy bowl and just put a little spoon of mash in it!

  7. Noelle says:

    Favorite Thanksgiving food is homemade cranberry sauce with stuffing and gravy. nom nom nom

  8. Cindy says:

    I love sweetpotatoes! Nom Nom!

  9. Katie says:

    Roasted brussels sprouts. Except I eat them year round. Favorite exclusive to thanksgiving dish is stuffing. I only eat it on T-Day.

    I SO want to read that book!

  10. Chris says:

    I’d have to say, Tofurkey with mashed potatoes, corn and gravy.

  11. I make this dish about once every two years. It’s from the Millennium Restaurant in San Francisco, and literally takes me a whole day to make it. The cookbook is called The Artful Vegan and it’s called:

    (take a breath now)

    No … a big breath …

    White Bean-filled Phyllo Purse over Soft Garlic Polenta with Porcini-Zinfandel Sauce, Broccoli Rabe, and Grilled Pear.

    I can’t add anything else to that title that would describe it any better.

    Marty’s Flying Vegan Review

  12. Monica says:

    pumpkin roll with vegan cream cheese!!!!!

  13. Jabari Hoppe says:

    Fasting in acknowledgment of the numerous atrocities and genocide committed against the indigenous people of the Americas.

  14. Jason says:

    Sweet Potato Pie with a Pecan Crumble…awesome!

  15. LenaBena says:

    Cornbread dressing/stuffing with cranberry sauce!
    This is cool; I’ve been researching vegan nutrition a lot since I workout heavily now.

    Check me out @


  16. Carla says:

    Emeril’s Fresh Cranberry Compote!!

  17. Nicole says:

    I’m looking forward to Tofurky, stuffing and gravy sandwiches after the big day!

  18. Jennifer says:

    Pumpkin pie, sweet potato pie, chocolate mousse pie. Pie! Pie! Pie!

  19. Marina says:

    cranberry sauce

  20. Aimee Hughes says:

    I love a good butternut squash souffle!

  21. Pupcake says:

    I’m really excited for what I’ll eat this year: whole wheat pizza made with cranberry sauce, daiya, “turkey,” apples, thyme and rosemary. Ohhhh yeah.

  22. Andy says:

    Cranberry sauce made with port, pears, star anise, cinnamon and vanilla.

  23. Hally says:

    I have to agree that stuffing is at the top of the list because it seems we only eat it on Thanksgiving. But my favorite has to be sweet potatoes! They are a superfood, so not only do they perfectly encapsulate that Autmn flavor, they are full of vitamins and nutrients! So happy to not be eating turkey this year for the first time ever – I sponsored one instead 🙂

  24. LenaBena says:

    Whoo hoo… thanks guys! *does the happy dance*

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