Grab Bag of Goodies!

Here’s an all-purpose Friday Round-up… just a hodgepodge of cool posts that caught my eye…

I love this short and sweet post from Airy Vegan… featuring an exciting mystery fruit. I love me some mystery fruit.

Who can resist Bite Me, I’m Vegan’s coconut fudge!? Not me!

Vegan in the Sun has an amazing post about the joy of Caribbean soups… you’ll be drooling all over your keyboard by the end of it.

Speaking of soup, I love the theme over at ‘Cause I Eats My Spinach… seven Deadly Dinners! This one is gazpacho, representing Wrath. What a cool idea!

Coldandsleepy has been doing some really excellent and photo-rich posts of eating vegan with her little toddler. He’s really been on an apple kick lately, and it’s awfully cute.

This Orange and Yellow Bread from Elite Food was glowing at me through the computer monitor… asking me to go bake some for myself. So warm and toasty looking…

Last but not least, please join me in appreciating this simple and yummy avocado sandwich from Jessie Bea Eats! I love how it’s just basking in the warm sunlight, looking so green and avocado-y. Yummmmms.

Good Work Mofos! Keep on cookin’!

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