VeganMoFo Roundup: Spice Mixes and Other Homemade Things

Today’s roundup is brought to you by a do-it-yourself attitude and a thrifty way of life!  I’ve noticed a lot of homemade spice mixes and the like over the course of this MoFo.  I saved a few and thought I saved more.  So, if you happen to know I’m missing some please leave a link in the comment so I can add it later.

First up, the wonderful Bryanna Clark Grogan did a recent blog with an amazing number of spice mixes.  I’m talking bacon salt, Cajun seasoning, Old Bay, and more!

Jodye at ‘Scend Food has been making gomasio.  To be specific…garlic-mustard seed gomasio.  Oh yeah!

Now, this wouldn’t be a spice mix roundup without a little parm action, so check out the vegan parm at This Evolutionary Life.

Spice mixes aren’t the only homemade goodies I’ve got my eye on.  Joanna Vaught made an extraordinary pumpkin syrup.  No more coffee shop lattes!

With Thanksgiving around the corner, what could be better than gravy from scratch?  Absolutely nothing!  Except maybe EASY gravy from scratch.  Try Megatarian’s cashew gravy!  It’s super delicious and so, so simple to make.

Nothing goes with gravy like a good homemade biscuit or a roll.  John P, once again, delivers with some of the tastiest looking rolls I’ve ever seen.

That’s all for now.  Feel free to send more spice mixes my way.  Happy Thursday to all!  Hope everybody is having a great one.


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Vegan. Texan. Slam poet trapped in a non slamming world. Lover of food. Ma Dukes to two chihuahuas. Wife to a musician/teacher. Dedicated to all things Whedon.
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1 Response to VeganMoFo Roundup: Spice Mixes and Other Homemade Things

  1. Vegan Aide says:

    Nice looking Round-Up, MO! All of them look delicious, esp. those rolls and Bryanna’s stuff.

    Thanks, much..

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