Wednesday MoFo Roundup : Delicious Ways to Start the Day

I try to plan for satisfying, varied breakfasts throughout the week. On Sunday, I plan to make a big batch of scramble, hearty muffins, or a big pot of oatmeal, but then Sunday night comes way too quickly. During the week, I’m running out of the door, shoveling random pieces of fruit into my bag, and I’m lucky if I have to time to pour cereal into a bowl. On the weekend, though, I like to take my time and have something a little more substantial. Lots of you know how to prepare amazing breakfasty food, any time of the day.

Over at Babe in Soyland, Kayla makes a hearty Tofuevos Rancheros. She enjoys this meal after a long run, but I’d just be running to her table to try this dish! Gluten Free Vegan Munchies cooks up some homefries to load onto breakfast tacos.
Breakfast Tacos with Homefries

Always Autumn bakes up some quick and easy, though definitely delicious chocolate croissants, inspired by Nigella Lawson, and Mihl at Seitan is My Motor makes two kinds of amazing croissants using a more traditional method.

Vegan Croissants

I’d love to take a bite of the simple, but tasty sounding tofu egg sandwich on the p.h.d.elicious cooks plants in tiny kitchens blog. I also really want to be invited over the next time Midwest Veg makes this banana bread french toast, drizzled in caramel sauce. Yum!


That Pain in the Ass Vegan fills thick pancakes with strudel filling, and the only pain I’m feeling right now is hunger, while Whoa Wren washes brunch platter of scramble and hash browns with an amazing sounding dessert loaded with bananas and mousse! That sounds like a great way to start the day!

Celestial Bananas

At Vegan Brew, I was wowed by the use of beer in a glaze for pumpkin bread that would a perfect way to start a chilly fall morning. Rebecca at Pure*Life*Taste cooks up one of my favorite muffin flavors, cranberry and orange, loaded with walnuts.

Cranberry Orange Walnut Muffins

I’ve certainly been inspired to make something a little more interesting!  I hope you all take time out for breakfast!

About Luciana

I'm a graphic designer who loves to cook and bake. I'm also an ex-military brat who still loves to travel and blog about it, when I remember to take pictures. I live in the exurbs of DC with my husband, dog, and two mischievous cats.
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5 Responses to Wednesday MoFo Roundup : Delicious Ways to Start the Day

  1. bazu says:

    breakfast is the most awesome meal of the day.

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  3. gfveganmunchies says:

    holy yum! i’m rethinking sweet breakfast with that banana bread french toast. wowsa. must. find. gf. banana bread. thanks for the link! so fun!

  4. Sarah says:

    Yes, yes, and yes please!

  5. VeggieAmanda says:

    Yay! GF munchies! I am so excited to see another GF vegan in the MoFo Challenge! I salivate over that blog every day!

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