Soup, Stew, and Chili Roundup for 10/30

MoFo is coming to an end and as the month of October comes to an end, most of the Northern Hemisphere is cooling off. For me, this time of year means getting cozy with a big bowl of soup.

Jes of Cupcake Punk cooks up a nicely spiced Curried Winter Squash Soup, perfect for using up the squash popping up at your local farmer’s market.

Curried Winter Squash Soup

Tom from Yours for Good Fermentables also uses squash in his Never Ending Veggie Pot o’ Soup, but also fortifies it with beer, something he knows plenty about. Dannibazaars Vegan Emporium veganizes a pumpkin soup from the Food Network, and Deb at Invisible Voices cooks up a recipe perfect for the autumn harvest.

Harvest Moon Soup

MoFoers also cooked lots of hearty bean soups and chili this week. Smacky Tomato fed her family a cannelini bean soup with my favorite vegetable, kale. Meanwhile, the Whole Food Vegan creates a three bean chili using heirloom beans. I have some beans in my pantry just begging to be used in this recipe! Beer makes another appearance in both the chili and bread at What Your Momma Didn’t Know. I’m not a beer drinker, but I love the taste it gives to certain foods! There is also a lovely raw chili featured at Fashion Peace while the chef at Intellectual Blackout uses hummus and lentils to create a yummy chowder.

Chili Photo 004

Kelly at Vegan Thyme lists miso as one of her reasons for being vegan, then uses it to whip up a hearty Miso Soba Noodle Soup while Cyn at What the Hell Does a Pink Haired Girl Eat? whips up a classic Potato Leek Soup from fellow blogger Jessy, who also enjoys some lovely soup with her sister at a local restaurant.

I’ve really enjoyed reading all of the blogs this month, and I hope Vegan MoFo has been as inspiring for you as it has been for me!



About Luciana

I'm a graphic designer who loves to cook and bake. I'm also an ex-military brat who still loves to travel and blog about it, when I remember to take pictures. I live in the exurbs of DC with my husband, dog, and two mischievous cats.
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7 Responses to Soup, Stew, and Chili Roundup for 10/30

  1. shannonmarie says:

    Those are some wonderful ways to warm the trick or treaters before they go out hunting for vegan goodies.

  2. ami says:

    I am going to miss Vegan MoFo. It has been a great conversation starter about what vegans eat. Thanks to everyone!

  3. dannibazaar says:

    I know what I’m having for dinner again 😀 Yummy soup, indeed!

  4. mollyjade says:

    Soup is the best food group!

  5. Thank you for the raw version! My family loves my healthy cooked version of chili, but I don’t want to be left out. lol

  6. Luciana says:

    Omy goodness she has my name…or I have her’s depending on age…lol…anywho…I started out “trying” (use that word losely) to be a vegetarian, but failed misearble and went back to Western culture of living. I have researched raw foodist for about 2 years, but financially just couldn’t get it together (since I am always hungry-athlete’s curse). Well my daughter has falling ill, which many would say she’s not but her skin is attacking itself as well as mines and we have decided to do something about it without the help of (steroid creams, lotions, antibiotics, etc.) which is what the dr.’s keep prescribing. I was looking through blogcatalog via net and came across this blog and happy to see (without sounding racist) african-american sistah’s feeling the same way I feel about becoming healthy (doesn’t happen so often in our community). Anyway, this post which was suppose to be short because I saw another “Lu-cee-anu” turned out to be quite lengthy….Well thanks for the wonderful posts and encouragement to move my way from western cultural food to just plain being healthy…by the way I am from Louisiana and have recently moved back, SO CAN YOU SAY “IT’S HARD”….lol

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