No Gluten this Wednesday.

Combing through The MoFo for this roundup, really gave me a butt-shot of the vegan-gluten-free fuzzies.  Since seitan is popular with so many vegans, it can be lonely to do without, but it seems there are many people eating this way nowadays, with attics stuffed full of granny’s own delicious recipes.  There’s no loneliness hangin’ with   The Gluten-Free Vegan Family. Sorghum flour’s never sounded so good!  And look what their four year old created…

Black bean and pumpkin taquitos!  Do I spy pomegranate jewels mixed into that guacamole?

Cupcake Punk has rocked out a XgfX pie crust, just in time for those winter gatherings with the family.  Hi Uncle Jack, I love you, want some pie?

I’m into the rustic-ness of this tart, I may just try it with the mound of Asian pears sitting on my counter.

Apparently, baked beans have been hitting the no-gluten-o-meter, both Mitten Machen and Happy Vegan Face are rockin’ ’em today.  So good!  Where the hell is my crock pot?

With collards and sweet potatoes!   I like the way this plate is swinging.

The Fairest Feed was inspired to make some pantry-stash killin’ muesli bars.

Just look at those colors, and why yes those are pistachio nuts.  Thanks for askin’.

Ash recently inspired me with her mosaic of XgfX deliciousness.

I’d be happy with any of this!  And speaking of the happy fuzzies, do you know what good friends Soy Curls can be?  I find that they can be used in lots of places where I used to put seitan. The Elizavegan Page shows how to adapt them to Thai cuisine.  Not only are they tasty, but paired with coconut and spices, they can help fix you up.

xo kittee


About Kittee Bee

I spend most of my free time making stuff and then either wearing, eating or using it.
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4 Responses to No Gluten this Wednesday.

  1. Jes says:

    Aw, thanks for the shout-out Kittee. Everyone’s really rockin’ out a cookin’ bakin’ storm!

  2. Ashley says:

    Thanks for the g-free love!! Glad you enjoyed my colourful pics. I think I’m going going to make it into a business card to give to people when they ask me “what I eat”

    I am bookmarking those museli bars because they look delightful!

  3. julielynn says:

    Thanks for the shout-out here too. =)

    Just a little side note…that dish was created by our 14 year old…but I’m pretty sure a 4 year old could do all of it but the frying. 😉

  4. fayinagirl says:

    Oops…posted from the wrong blog address. Anyway…the above comment still stands. Thanks again for the great shout-out. Y’all rock!

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