Saturday’s Random Roundup 10/10

Hello MoFos!  I hope everybody had a wonderfully spectacular Saturday.  Today’s roundup has no particular theme but tons of droolworthy posts and a bit of awesome ideas.

Lately I find myself obsessed with pantries.  I like to see what people keep in theirs and how they store spices and whatnot.  I often get ideas this way (about organization, storing, and essentials).  Today I realized that I need to up my flour game because Jessy has a bazillion gluten free flours in her pantry!  Share what you keep in yours over at her blog, HappyVeganFace.

We all know a pantry isn’t a pantry without all the items.  So, Joni from Just the Food tells us where we can get all the good stuff for cheap!


Good deals are nothing to frown upon.  This time of year brings out my supreme love of sweet potatoes because they are super cheap and very delicious.  It looks like I’m not alone.  Brittany whipped up a sweet potato and broccoli salad while Sam documented her first time in the world of sweet potater makin’.  Gotta love the fall.


As the weather changes, it seems like many are turning to comfort foods.  Ever feel like cooking with the Sopranos?  How about making perfect macaroni?  Or is your thing maybe some raw pasta in under 5 minutes?  Whatever comforts you, there is plenty to go around.  Oh, and I’d totally love to live in this mac n’ cheeze.  Please gaze upon it in all its glory:

Mac n Cheese

The two most interesting things I saw today were definitely scrambled polenta and mini s’mores.  That’s right: a polenta scramble with mushrooms and shallots.  See how Mandee did it over at CupcakeKitteh.  And as a lover of all miniature things, I really want to make these adorable little s’mores.  They’re made with Annie’s Bunny Grahams!


Such a lovely ending to a lazy Saturday.  Week 2 and we’re still going strong.  Keep it up, y’all!

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Vegan. Texan. Slam poet trapped in a non slamming world. Lover of food. Ma Dukes to two chihuahuas. Wife to a musician/teacher. Dedicated to all things Whedon.
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3 Responses to Saturday’s Random Roundup 10/10

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  2. Mandee says:

    Thanks for the mention, Mo! xox

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