The First Annual Mofies: This Year’s Most Illustrious Awards Ceremony

MoFo is not about the status, nor the fame and riches that come with it. We work our fingers to the bone typing about hazelnuts at 2 am because it needs to be done, not for the inevitable praise that will be heaped upon us by a cold, nameless, faceless committee of ubervegans.

With that in mind, we introduce you to the world’s first truly democratic, anti-establishment, non-hierarchical, awards ceremony of the people: The First Annual Mofies!

The idea is simple: you are the awards committee. You not only decide who wins the award, but you get to make up the category, too. So if you would like to nominate someone for “Best Use Of A Tennis Racket In Culinary Preparation” then you go right ahead, and the nominee is the winner, too. You also get to decide the prize! Maybe it’s something simple, like a virtual hug or a photo of your cat. Maybe you’d like to take it a step further and bake them cookies. Maybe you’d like to make a donation to your local farm sanctuary in their name. It’s all up to you!

You wont be taking home one of these.

You won't be taking home one of these.

The only formal part is that we will all do it on the same night, Thursday November 5th between 5pm and 8pm EST. The MoFo blog will put up a post that evening, you link back to it in your award post so that we know about it and we will blog throughout the night and try to keep up.

So what do you say? A fun way to support other MoFos, a reason to soldier on and an incredibly nerdy way to freak out the family and spend a Thursday night glued to your computer. Viva La Mofies!

Celebrate in style.

Celebrate in style.

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7 Responses to The First Annual Mofies: This Year’s Most Illustrious Awards Ceremony

  1. Mary says:

    I love this. I love it.

  2. Mo says:

    Love it! I wish winners would get those stylin’ outfits.

  3. Zoey says:

    That sounds like fun!

  4. Neta says:

    democratic, anti-establishment, non-hierarchical and… a bit americocentric. It’ll be the middle of the night for some of us 😦

  5. isachandra says:

    Neta, feel free to organize one in a time zone that works for you! That is the beauty of the Mofies.

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